Emerson Device Communicator | TREXLFPKLWS3S

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Model: AMS TREX Device Communicator
Manufacturer: Emerson

Ordering Information
  • Model: TREX - Base TREX Platform (1)
  • Communication Module: L - Device Communicator Plus communication module (2)
  • Applications: F - HART Application F HART + Foundation Fieldbus Applications (3)
  • Power Module Type: P - Rechargeable Li-Ion Power Module
  • Product Certifications: KL - ATEX, CSA (US/Canada) and IECEx Intrinsically Safe (includes FISCO as applicable)
  • Radio Options: W - Wireless (4)
  • Support (5): S3 - Standard Support (3 Year) (6)
  • Carrying Case: S - Carrying Case (7)

  1. AMS Device Communicator Includes AC Adapter, USB Cable, Lead Set with connectors, Hand Strap, Quick Start Guide and Resource DVD. ValveLink Mobile application available at no charge once Trex unit is activated.
  2. Emerson Communicator Includes additional Lead Set with connectors.
  3. Emerson Device Communicator Includes Foundation Fieldbus Power Plug when ordered with Device Communicator Plus communication module (L).
  4. Emerson Hart Communicator Includes Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC radios. Available only in countries where spectrum approval has been obtained. See www.emerson.com/trex for additional details.
  5. Emerson Handheld Communicator Includes 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects unless otherwise stated.
  6. Handheld Field Communicator Includes technical support and software updates.
  7. Leave blank for no carrying case.

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